works fine except the front camera and the wifi

Hello, I dropped my iphone 4 from the 4th floor; I changed the LCD, the middle frame and the battery by myself

Everything works fine except the front camera (which I'm about to replace too) and the wifi

The iPhone just can't see any wifi network even if it's next to the router; the small metal piece on the top of the metal plate covering all the connectors on the top of the logic board is in its place and so is the grounding 4.8 mm screw

The only visible damage to the logic board are two missing nuts for the screws holding the above mentioned plate (the smallest one plus the one above it)

My questions are the following:

Could the absence of the front facing camera lead to the malfunctioning of the wifi?

Could a faulty battery cause the same issue? (Even if everything else seems to work fine)

Could the two missing screws on the metal plate be the cause?

Could it be related to the blue coil on the bottom of the logic board (the 3G works fine though)?

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i'm sure one of the posts on here a long time ago was about the grounding for that front facing camera being part of the midframe- not the metal emf shield screws. Wifi can also be part of the same thing as the midframe forms part of the general antenna for the phone-is the old midframe dead and buried? try fitting everything back in the old one and see what happens.