power button and volume button won't work

The power and volume buttons on the my old iPod touch 2nd gen stopped working so I replaced with new buttons and a new power and volume switch cable. Now I get only low volume control, nothing on the hi side and the power button works but only if I start the iPod by plugging in the ac cord. The power button will turn the unit on and off if it is not left off too long (greater than a few minutes!). Also I noticed when turning the unit off with the power button the hi volume indicator appears on the screen before it shuts down and the volume actually goes up!!! This unit has never been in water and everything else works great! Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I did a DFU to restore and sync on the touch last night and everything went fine it just didn't correct the crazy issues above! Sounds like a short or grounding issue, but where? Does this indicate the Logic board is failing? Any ideas would be appreciated!


Any help here would be appreciated!!