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Why won't it turn on after screen replacement?

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I recently fixed the broken screen (cracked) on my ipod touch 4g. I went through all the steps on the guide here, and I when I had put the cables of the new digitizer into the ipod, I turned it on to see if it did before i closed it back up again. And I was pleasantly surprised, as it worked good as new!

I was putting it back together (putting all the screws in) and when i checked once more to make sure it worked before i applied the adhesive, it didn't power on :(. I thought it might have to do with the battery , so I plugged it in and it works, but its a white screen and half of it is pure white so you can't use that side. I've tried readjusting it, but could the cable still not be plugged in right on the digitizer? Also, the power button isnt working. Could this be part of the problem?

Thanks so much!

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The power button is probably not your biggest concern right now - that has its own cable that is independent of the display. Also, the digitizer has a different connector from the LCD, so I doubt the digitizer has anything to do with your troubles. What worries me is that you say that half of the screen is pure white. What is the other half of the screen like? Can you post a picture? Judging by what that says I'd assume that somehow your cable has become disconnected (I hope that's what it is.) Did you put pressure on it or wiggle any parts in the wrong way? I know it's an awkward connection because the digitizer cable seems really short.

Here's what I would do: Disconnect and reconnect the LCD screen. If the display is still messed up when you plug it into your computer then it's either the display is broken (most likely) or the logic board (not as likely). Try that and let us know how it goes.

Edit: You say it "works". That means when you plug it into iTunes it recognizes the iPod and you are able to transfer media to it?


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Exactly! It will recognize the ipod, and the ipod will begin to charge. I've disconnected the LCd over and over again. I don't know what I did wrong, it was working before the whole putting it together. Here's a picture (in the original post)


UPDATE! We connected the old, cracked screen to the ipod, and it didnt turn on. Then, I connected it to the computer, and it was perfect! The slide worked, the touch, the screen was in normal color and completely functional. But, the power button still doesn't work. Could this be a battery issue?


Another update! I connected it to itunes in an attempt to restore it and possibly fix the power button issue, but now it won't turn on at all?


So this is going beyond my level of experience, but I hope I can still help. I can't imagine why the battery would fail or even cause this problem for you. While it's possible the battery is the cause, it would probably be my last step.

As for the power button issue, I did a bit of digging and came up with this article:

Touch 4 Replace Power/Volume Flex Cable - Solder? Asle?

The person in this article mentioned a white screen issue, so I'd recommend reading it all the way through for some good insight and maybe a hint to your problem. He said it was a broken contact in the LCD connection on the logic board side, as opposed to a screen fault. I'd inspect your logic board thoroughly, if I were you.


So the new LCD did work, but now it gives you the funky screen. The old LCD did and still does work as long as it's plugged in, and everything works fine. That tells me something is wrong with the new LCD, though it's somewhat expensive to buy a new one ($20). The battery is a cheaper repair ($6) as long as you're comfortable with soldering.

And now to your newest update, that's tough. Does your computer recognize it? That's the biggest thing. If you can't, through any means at all, get your computer to recognize that your iPod is connected (different cables, computers, operating systems, drivers, restarts, DFU mode, and so forth) then it's likely that your logic board is fried or there's something wrong with your cable/dock connector on the logic board. I don't know anything about replacing the cable/dock connector but they offer services for it on eBay. Also, a used 32GB logic board for the 4th gen Touch is only $99 if you're in the market for a new one. If you'd like I can point you in that direction.


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My iTunes recognizes my iPod, but the screen won't cut on.


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that happend to me to i changed the lcd but before that some of my screen was white . sp i changed the lcd thoughting that was the issue when i changed the lcd i turned it on it was out of battery but it showed right screen every thing okay,, then i put my screws and tried to turn it on and didn{t turn on!!!!!!!! what do i do!!


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