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2012年6月発売。Core i7プロセッサ 、Turbo Boost / 最大1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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Upgrade RAM in one slot

I've seen that this model is upgradable to 16GB using two 8GB modules. Can it be upgraded to 8GB using just one slot, and later be upgraded to 16GB by buying another 8GB module? Can it have 2GB in one slot and 8G in the other one?

I just need 8GB, but may need more in the future (as in 3 years from now; I tend to use my computers for 5 years or more before buying a new one).

Thanks in advance for your answers

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Yes you can change the Ram inside. you can leave 2GB in one slot and 8GB in another slot , total 10GB you have inside your laptop . Later on you can upgrade or leave it like this . thnx


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