WiFi付きの初代Apple iPadは16,32,64GBから選べます。モデル番号はA1219。修理は複雑な作業はなく、ヒートガンなどは不要です。

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Is the RAM in the iPad replaceable?

My iPad (original) was working great up to about 6 months ago. I began to have crashes of the built-in apps especially Safari, App Store and YouTube. At first the crashes were only occasional. I was in New York state and took my iPad to the Apple Store in Rochester. The "Genius" did a diagnostic and told me that I had been experiencing out of memory errors or so said the log. It was true I looked into the log myself and there were many memory errors. the Genius decided that I should have the IOS reloaded. So She did so with my permission. The result was a day or so of no crashing, but soon it returned. As time went on the crashes became more and more frequent. I tried downloading System Monitor apps. All of them said I was using all of the memory all of the time. Very little free memory even when there were no apps running. I now suspect that the RAM in my iPad of being bad and the iPad is working around it the best it can but there is now almost constant out of memory errors posted. The about three days ago the Cellular access reports No Service and has never recovered even with reboots. I would like to try to replace the RAM if it is possible. I guess there is nothing else I can do. Apple has thrown me to the curb because my warranty and Apple Care have run out and because it is "so old" there is nothing they can do. I am capable of surface mount repair, but I do not know where the RAM is located. Of course if it is in the A4 then I am certainly screwed.

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Thanks David, I had suspected that there was nothing I could do but I had hoped that the memory was separate chips. I guess I will live with the crashes until it no longer functions. Too bad I was hoping to get more use out of it, I guess they don't build them to last anymore. I have 25 and 30 year old Macs and my Apple II that still function.



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RAM is part of the System on a Chip processor in the iPad. Unless you're especially tied to new versions of apps, your best bet would probably be to jailbreak the iPad and revert to an older version of iOS.

I hate to say it, but the newer versions of software are meant to run on the latest devices, and the old ones are always going to struggle to keep up.


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