iPhone 3G doesn't charge (dead fuse)


I have a iPhone 3G that does not charge. I checked the charging fuse and it seems like it's gone, so I put a small bended paper clip to short-circuit it and plugged the usb to my pc.

Nothing happened after 5 minutes...

how can I check the dock connector and if the current is arriving to the logic board?

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Did you check for power on your battery connectors? Paperclip? Darn, that space is so small, how did you manage that:-)? Are you sure you did not short anything else out. A small dab of solder or a circuit writer pen would have been plenty :-)


I did not short anything, however now I have put a small copper wire around it; didn't think about the circuit writer pen... I don't have one... Would a normal pencil do the job?

Can you tell me also how to check the dock connector?

I also tried to measure the voltage on the dock connector where you can see the > sign (and the other pin of the tester touching the chassis)

I don't know if it is the right point to test

It shows 0v with the cable unplugged and 3.7v with the cable plugged


Sorry, a regular pencil does not work. Anyhow, check on here http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_p... for the pinout. It should help you when you measure at your dock connector. Do you have any experience with reading schematics?


I don't think that one is useful, since I don't know which inside contact correspond to the pin outside


Today I got a working 3G; I tried to put the logic board into this one and it still does not work; it doesn't turn on, so I think it's something about the logic board