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water damage :( HELP

So i dropped my iphone in the pacific ocean.. normal right? anyways, i replaced the dock connector & battery but it's still giving me problems. It only works when connected to an AC outlet & works for 5 minutes before it reboots. In those 5 minutes I have no wifi, or att signal, no sound, no vibration. Everything works great besides that. paying 200 for the replacement is out of my budget. I can't seem to restore the phone either because several errors occur. I've already tried the rice method and now im just desperate and depressed for answers/suggestions.

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californiaxfresh, besides the "rice method" does not work. Rice does not do anything! I would most certainly suggest that you clean your logic board a bit further. Use this guide to clean your phone. It was written for a 3G but all the points still apply to your phone. The issue here is corrosion caused by the Pacific water. Rice will not clean the board at all. After you clean your phone, reassemble it and re-evaluate.


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thanks for replying old turkey! yeah i just took apart my whole phone and cleaned out the logic board. i found some sand in there. unfortunately while i was cleaning the board i also cleaned the white sticker so now its a little pink :(


Is a moisture indicator that would show Apple that this phone was exposed. This will not impede the function of the phone.


Yeah i understand. do u think i should keep going to the apple store in prayer that they might give me a free replacement?


You could try, worst case scenario will be a "No" :-)


if i tried cleaning my logic board and its still not working (i cleaned it with 70% rubbing alcohol ;) is it time to give up?


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