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1.83、2.0、2.1、 2.16、2.2、または2.4 GHzのいずれかのCore 2 Duoプロセッサーを搭載したModel A1181

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wont recognize not charge battery but works with it!


my macbook has been a victim of liquid spilling in this specific case, ice humidity, long story... on the left side,dc plugs, audio jack etc, now it wont recognize the battery nor charge it, green light all the time, or blinking red-green all the time! ive replaced the battery with a new one, new power adapter and still the same, the weird thing is that even if it doesnt recognize the battery, when i put a fully charged one it works with it, without the need of the power adapter! i also all did all types of resets i could find. Any help would be very apreciated.


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You should open up your machine, and clean off any visible corrosion from the liquid spill with 90% alcohol and q-tips, or a toothbrush. Also, disconnect the battery connector from the board, clean it, clean the part of the board it connects to, re-connect it, let it dry, and then see if this improves the situation.

If not, the next step is to replace the battery connector. There are two types -- Energy Star, and non-Energy Star. Energy Star has a gap in the pins that connect to the logic board, and non-Energy Star doesn't. You can buy either on eBay for about $10. Beware, though, because this is a part that is often sold as good when in fact it's untested.

Worst case scenario the logic board itself may have been damaged, but there's a good chance you will be fine after following the steps above.


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Thanks you for the fast reply!

...sorry but it went to email junk folder!!! ill be testing the first steps then let you know.

Best Regards





hibernas さん、ありがとうございました!

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