Why does LCD last lit when I press corner of phone?

I have installed 2 iphone 4S and one iphone 4 and have had trouble stabilizing the image on the phone (also on ipod 4). After I put it all back together, it leaves a trail of light in the corner when I press near the corner of the phone. It goes back to normal after a couple of seconds.

I tried disassembling and tightening the screws and washes that tighten it to the bezel.

I have always had trouble with the replacement screens I receive in the top corners. Especially the top right corner.

Anybody have any tips on how to get rid of this trailing light and also on how to make it easier to screw my lcd + digitizer screen? Any help is really appreciated.

No problem when I press the digitizer.

The phones work fine and people I have changed it for really don't even notice it. However, I want to find out so I can start doing it right.

Thank you in advance.

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