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オリジナル投稿者: Brian ,


well without looking around first, are you using the correct power adapter? ''( it can get confusing when you have bunch of power cords or quite a few things near your AP with the same plug). ''

Did you try and update it, or update the firmware to DD-WRT? something like that?

Unless the power cord has been damaged somehow. I would imagine none of the other indicator lights are flashing when doing the hard reset?

I assume you have not been able to ping it, and not broadcasting an SSID.

If no other status lights are working and you can't address it via ethernet, it seems the router has met a power surge...... or just simply expired.

The only things i can think of to restore it, tftp or JTAG it wouldn't work on that model as far as i know. I might be wrong...... as far as i know the newer versions don't have these kind of options.