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I am not sure what you had connected but the iPod touch 2nd generation does not support Firewire.

USB Support:     Sync & Charge     Firewire Support:     None

Details:     The iPod touch 2nd Gen does not offer a "disk mode" for file transfer, although third-party software is available. It also does not support Firewire.

Connectivity:     USB, Audio*     Ports:     Dock, Headphone*

Details:     *Unfortunately, just like the original iPod touch, the iPod touch 2nd Gen models do not support video out via the headphone jack, they only provide video out via the dock connector. Annoyingly, video out is only available while using an Apple cable, Apple dock, or another accessory with an "Apple Authentication" chip. You may want to try to clean your audio jack. Hold it upside down and use a can of electronics cleaner (compressed air) and gently try to blow out any dust or debris. If your audio output is clear while you use a docking station, it is your audio jack that will need to be replaced. If the audio remains distorted while you are using a docking station, you are having trouble with the audio IC. Hope this will help. Good Luck