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Original post by: Jordn stone ,


My answer is that i love my tom tom. It actually may be between  10 and 20 years old. Just the other day i left it in a hot car and on, and i started having problems.  Map wouldn’t come up, couldn’t  find GPS ,clock  wasn’t working.   I reset to factory while charging.  Successfully lost all my info.  Repeated attempts to sync the clock but would only last a couple of seconds then back to 12am.  Everything else seems to work other than it also wont let me keep same vehicle and the battery is constantly charging and never attaining a full charge.  My suggestion is plug it in for a couple of hours.  Don’t use it during the charging and try again in a week.   I think it will work.  One other thing; when i used to turn it on it would chime.  Now it only does it when i hold the button for 15 seconds.  Then it brings ne to the “i agree” screen and my current position appears. Go figure. Todays date 7/21/19