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Original post by: Atomic ,


Hi, I have a 430XL with very similar problem.   On mine, the clock “works” in that you can set it, and if you power-off and then power it back on, it retains the time across the power cycle.  HOWEVER, after a few minutes of its being ON (maybe until it locks on the satellites?) the clock resets to 0:00 just like yours.

This just started happening a few days ago.  I *strongly think* it’s related to the “epoch rollover” of the GPS system ( [|] ).  If so, and it doesn’t clear up in a few days, it’s probably permanent :-(

My unit otherwise works fine.  The time is always 12:00AM, but the “arrival time” is still the correct # of minutes from that, and the map/navi functions are all as usual.

I could be wrong too, but this just started happening a few days ago…so seems related.  (sadly!)…