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オリジナル投稿者: pollytintop ,


Hi daniel, it sounds like the antenna on the dock is the problem, it may be that when you dropped the phone some damage was done or a connection came loose. As to what to do next? I'd open the phone and just check the cable no 7 is on and not damaged (that's your antenna) there is also a small gold spring within the dock itself and another on the motherboard. check these for damage and that the 2 prongs are in contact with the metal bezel of the phone (the metal frame forms part of the antenna) if this doesn't solve the problem then I'd replace the dock or just the flex. the parts are pretty good really.. check out the feedback from others buying at the site of your choice ( probably why I recommend ebay...good feedback, free post etc)

tools... you'll need a pretty small phillips head screw driver, 000 or 00. you can buy them anywhere..

suction cup (off anything...nothing special about it) or use packing tape across the screen and folded at the bottom so you have something to pull up with to remove the front panel.

you don't need the spudger really.

ps there are no screws that need to be tightened i think you must have read a post on a 4g.