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オリジナル投稿者: Ben Eisenman ,


The short answer is that it can be done. 
There are 2 big pitfalls to avoid: heat sink and battery connector.
Midway through the Core Duo revision, Apple randomly switched from 4-wall heatsink connectors to the 3-wall JST connectors. All Core 2 Duo machines use the 3-wall JST connectors on their heatsinks, so you may or may not need to replace the heat sink (depending on your specific heat pics of parts [product|186010|186010] and [product|186006|186006] for clarity).
To make it more complicated, Apple randomly switched their battery connectors midway through the original Core 2 Duo versions! Some battery connectors are missing 2 pins. If your Core 2 Duo logic board is Energy Star compliant, you need a new battery connector. If it is not, you can use your Core Duo battery connector (see parts [product|186015|186015] and [product|186042|186042] for clarity).
Also, the Core Duo machines have airport cards with 2 cables, and the (pre-Penryn) Core 2 Duo machines have airport cards with 3 cables. Therefore, you'd need to either use your card from the Core Duo (which is a slower G card) or use a [product|185121|Penryn airport card].
Hope this helps!