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オリジナル投稿者: HOST MARCEL ,


I had the exact same problem, I came here and i did not think it was the dirty (dusty) ps4 issue!

what i did was i took it into the bathtub the following day making sure the water gets right in between the cracks, scrubbing the fker like my life was depending on it, (it is... its my babeh)  when it was fully moist in side

i gave it a right blow to clear out any bubbles that might have gotten inside.

after that i let it dry for a couple of days  2-3 NOTE: do make sure the sun hits the ps4 right on the spot.

when the ps4 was dried up i plugged in the power supply and did not work

tip of the day! never take your ps4 with you when you are taking a bath! it does not like water