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Original post by: Rachel Acosta ,


The prospects of fixing this issue are good, though it might take some investigation to figure out just exactly what's causing the problem.

[|This guy] has some good advice. Lots of suggestions to try.

I will also say that there are several other questions with similar issues, with BLU phones specifically. As a BLU owner, I know my own phone can be janky sometimes. I once had my battery get stuck reading 11% for a whole day. I finally used it until it ran out of juice and then charged it nonstop back to 100%, and haven't had it happen again. This might be more complicated, though.

One of the questions ([post|195726]) has several suggestions as to why it's happening and how to fix it. Sometimes there's glue where it shouldn't be, or sometimes it's a matter of cleaning the port itself. Other times, it's from overcharging the battery.

Good luck!