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Check and replace the fuses if it's doing nothing and not making any noises.. Don't let someone talk you into parts you don't need. Then check to see if the buttons make any noise, even though they don't roll the window up or down. A noise means the window regulator motor is fine, but the window regulator is shot.  Mine had plastic guides instead of wheels pulling the wires up and down to raise or lower the window. Those guides all melted and wore away one by one, so all of my window regulators have been replaced in the last five years.  If there's no noise when you push the button and the regulator is fine, it could be the regulator motor. There's one in each door, plugged into the regulator. I had a shop do the Driver's window regulator because it has a master control switch. The other three I did on my own for under $50 each (new parts with warranty). It's a simple job, but it's important to have the right tools before you tear the door apart. My car was 10 years old when my window regulators started failing.