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Original post by: holapeco ,


I had to fix my headset jack on my Hyper X cloud II's.  I also could not find the exact wire layout.  When you cut off your broken jack and strip the cloth/rubber cord you will see the following colors.

Blue, Green, Red/Green and another black sleeve.  In this black sleeve are the mic wires, strip that and you see Red and Copper.  The wiring is Blue left speaker, Green right speaker, Reg/Green ground and again the Red with Copper are the microphone.  Important...For the mic wires the Red and Copper, the copper is a ground so it needs to be soldered with the red/green and then soldered to the new jack ground post.  Then solder the Blue to the left, the Green to the right and the Red mic wire to the mic position and your headset should come back to life.