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オリジナル投稿者: mignvs ,


hi guys.

I replaced a screen today and the exact same thing happened.

There were three little LED blinks and the charge icon showed briefly on the screen, but the phone showed 0% charge and wasn't charging. which was weird because it was at 30% a couple hours before when i shut it down.

So i tried disassembling again and check the battery connections, the upper 2 pins. they felt a bit out of place, so i did the connections again very carefully  and screwed that little internal cover and it worked again!

then i assembled the whole thing back and it was malfunctioning again.

Once more i disassembled and assembled all again, and it worked, this time with the cover back on.

Bad news is, it worked only for 10 minutes and then died.

So now i'm thinking it's something wrong in the frame i purchased or for some reason it seems to be draining battery faster than it charges...