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Make sure you have a clear path between the remote and the infrared eye on your equipment. Clear any dust or debris that may be covering the eye.

Try unlocking the battery-saving mode. When a button is pressed for longer than three minutes, the remote goes into battery-saving mode. Press the SAT mode button at the top to unlock it. Your remote should work properly.

Check the batteries. When you press a mode button, does it light up? If not, you may be out of juice. Check to make sure they are in the right way, with the metal ends making good connections with the metal in the remote. If they're in correctly and you still don't get power, try replacing them. They may be dead.

Learn about batteries

Check to make sure the remote is programmed properly, which basically means you reprogram it to work with your receiver, TV and any other components. Start with the receiver and work your way through programming each component that isn't working. We tell you how to program remotes in our guide to remotes.