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Original post by: Eehldon Dulalus ,


Thanks for your question.

Sorry for your troubles.

The quickest way to being able to charge your device is to fit it with a wireless charging kit.

Good ones coast around 60 to 80 bucks. And you can completely circumvent repairing the charge port all together. Unless you want to transfer data via the usb cable.

The repair to the charge port shouldn't be a tough repair for any cell repair tech worth his salt. Cost shouldn't gouge you either.

Always replace your battery with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) battery. So Samsung brand batteries or tell them to shove off.

The cheepest way to keep your phone charged is to get a wall charger for the battery and buy extra batteries. Then you can do battery swapping until you get the charge port repaired.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.