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オリジナル投稿者: Peter Christensen ,


Touch ID no longer working


I had my screen replaced on my iPhone 5s back in August. Gradually the Touch ID stopped working.

It worked no problem when I got the phone back and was fine for a few weeks but gradually got worse and now is not working at all.

I tried a reset, hard reset and restore to no avail. I have cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and screen cleaners etc etc, nothing worked.

I have since got an iPhone 6 so no longer use the phone, however I would like to sell the phone and would like the Touch ID to be operational. I've opened up the phone to check for a loose cable, nothing, everything seems fine, I haven't removed the home button as I don't have the confidence for this yet.

The 6 registers my fingerprint no problem but the 5s doesn't register my own or my girlfriends finger. When I ask it to set up a new fingerprint it just doesn't even register that there is a finger on the home button.

Any advice anyone? Thanks in advance.



iPhone 5s