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オリジナル投稿者: Alan ,


Digitizer replaced, sudden backlight problem


Hi folks!

I got an ipad mini 2 with a cracked screen. Before replacing the screen i read through all the information i could find about what to whatch out for when replacing digitizer, so i went ahead and replaced the digitizer making sure i disconnected the battery before i removed the LCD and digitizer cable. But when sealing the digitizer i noticed lcd was not working as it should. Before sealing i tested and it worked...

Here is what i did:

Removed cracked glass--> Lifted  LCD and shield-->removed small shield-->Disconnected battery then LCD and digitizer cable-->Connected new digitizer and the LCD, then the battery-->put the shields on and was ready to seal the ipad. I tested that everything worked and everything did work--> Sealed the ipad making sure i folded the digitizer cable correctly. But then i noticed the LCD backlight was not working. I manage to get the backlight back for few seconds by soft reset but it happened only once.

I have re-pluged the LCD,digitizer and battery cable but still no backlight.

As far as i can see i have(at least i think) done everything correctly so not sure why the backlight did not work after sealing with the new digitizer.  Also i read some information about that with ipad mini 2 it was not so easy to blow the backlight?

Any help/tips would be very appreciated :)


iPad Mini 2