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オリジナル投稿者: frank ,


my ipod touch 4g was working great i had a cracked screen changed the screen/digitizer and now the left part is not responding i cant slide to unlock or power off unless i swipe super fast and i have to slide it in the right spot..also the keys e z and s do not work,,i tried everything from restoring resetting all settings..this just makes no sense to me at all i have changed many screens before and never ran into any issues like this one..It cant be the screen because i ordered 4 different screens and they all do the same thing..when i try to drag an app to the left it wont move to the next screen..i brought it to apple and they said that's its the digitizer but clearly its not..the people at apple dont know !@#$..the guy kept telling me that i had a 3rd generation when clearly its a 4th running on ios 6.1.6..the 3rd gen doesnt even get 6.1.6 ios..i suggested that maybe its a hardware or motherboard issue..but apple said no way thats possible but couldn't tell me whats wrong with it..they said they dont fix those models any longer..that if i buy a new one i will get 10 percent big woop deee dooo!! If anyone has a solution to this i would be amazed..but i will be saying goodbye to apple products and switching to another brand..with the prices apple charges they should be a little more helpful to there customers and get people to work for apple who actually know what there doing..the guy i saw was clearly as dumb as they come..