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オリジナル投稿者: Craig Peterson ,


If you plug this phone into direct power not into your computer, Let it sit for a min, and try to use your Vibe switch does the phone Vibrate? Just by your discription I would be guessing that the phone is turning on but the LCD\Digi itself is faulty. It happens a lot. I would disconnect the 2 LCD Ribbon cables. Battery and all. Leave the small metal pieces off. Keep the board and all the other wires plugged in plug in your phone to a computer with ITUNES started on it and see if it detects the phone. If it does? the Screen you have purchased is bad and you will have to get a replacement. Let say it doesn't? I would be guessing you scratched a component, hit a board chip. Something that controls the Trigger for the phone to turn on. From your description of the problem that is the best I could say.