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? Hard Drive on Start Up but boots from external hard drive


I was streaming Hulu and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and turn the Macbook off; went to work.

Turned it on after work and it would not start. I got the flashing ? that my hard drive is missing. It showed that my memory is full somehow. But I had almost 30Gigs avaialble the night before.

But regardless of that, now I can only start when I have Seagate portable HD in the USB port. But without it can't start up in any mode at at all.

Just in Juy I had the logic board replaced by Apple directly from other bs issues that's been happening for the past year.

I have the internal HD backed up form before but just don't knwohow to wipe a hard drive that I can't access from the utilities lol..


MacBook Pro 13"